About Karen

I am a Christian whose girlhood dream was to be a wife, mother and homemaker. My dream came true. Place homeschooling into the mix and the richness of life is multiplied. So are its cares. That’s why, in the 1980s, I immersed myself in the writings of the British educator, Miss Charlotte Mason (1842-1923). They addressed a myriad of questions and the longings of my heart.

My three children and I enjoyed home education through the 12th grade. What I read of Miss Mason’s philosophy I worked out gradually. Then, in the 1990s I wrote a book: A Charlotte Mason Companion, Personal Reflections of the Gentle Art of Learning. The “personal reflections” I share with you on this blog are meant to be a source of encouragement.

With my husband Dean as my publisher I have authored some of the books pictured on the side bar.