Monday, November 14, 2016

Christmas Tea

Christmas Tea - December 1st

Hello blog friends.

On December First I will be the guest speaker at a Christmas Tea. I'm writing my talk and practicing it this month. (It will be about 15 minutes in length.)

I seek to encourage women to ponder Christ while they are busy serving at Christmastime.

You are invited.

 December First

If you are a blog friend who lives in comfortable driving distance to Quarryville, Pennsylvania in southern Lancaster County and would like to attend . . .

- P.S. (I am removing the contact information today - Dec. 1st - as the organizer has a set amount of table reserved.)  

The decor-theme this year is "Christmas Around the World"
I plan to dress in Christmas colors and look forward to meeting you while setting aside some refreshing moments to share tea during this festive and busy time of year.

My talk is meant to help women with:  hands to work, hearts to God.
Perhaps we'll meet this Christmastime.
Yours, Karen Andreola