About Karen

Karen Andreola 

I am a Christian (born again in 1977) whose girlhood dream was to be a wife, mother and homemaker. My dream came true.

Place homeschooling into the mix and the richness of life is multiplied. So are its cares.

That’s why, in the 1980s, I immersed myself in the writings of the British educator, Miss Charlotte Mason (1842-1923). They addressed a myriad of questions and the longings of my heart.

We ceased publishing the "pink volumes." See the new large format edition?
In 1987 Dean and I brought a complete set of Miss Mason's books to America after a year of Dean working for a Christian literature mission stationed in London, England.

Dean found a publisher who would re-print the entire series - Tyndale House.

Afterwards we kept Miss Mason's writings in print for more than 20 years. You'll find our story on our website: Charlotte Mason.com.

Now the company Simply Charlotte Mason is publishing a large format edition. I like these new editions. The print is large and darker. The beautiful font is intact. The pagination remains the same.

Rockland, Maine. 1999 
My three children and I enjoyed home education through the 12th grade. What I read of Miss Mason’s philosophy I worked out gradually. Then, in the 1990s I wrote a book: A Charlotte Mason Companion, Personal Reflections of the Gentle Art of Learning. The “personal reflections” I share with you on this blog are meant to be a source of encouragement.

You will find several more books that I've written, described on "Karen's Books."

You will also find my Parents' Review Story below a description of all the issues, on our website. We keep these home-spun magazines, issued in the 1990s, in print for today's readers.

The Andreola family: my husband Dean, myself, and our children (Sophia, Yolanda and Nigel) wrote freelance book reviews for CBD (Christian Book Distributors) for 14 years. Dean and I were keynote speakers across the America until 2005.

I enjoy being a grandmother and am happily reading children's books again. In my leisure I like nature, reading, writing paper letters and receiving them.

It is a joy, too, to knit mittens and sweaters for my grandchildren.

I feel a bit of connection with history when I cross-stitch reproductions of girlhood samplers of old, and piece together little quilts out of reproduction fabric.

Living with chronic neuropathic pain is draining. It makes speaking engagements out-of-state too difficult. Slowly and steadily I've been ministering on-line and to those who live close by.

The opposite end of our keeping room/kitchen dinning area. One of my little quilts.

When I feel down or anxious I reach for my old hymn book and with thankfulness, daydream of heavenly things.

My hope is in God the Father, Christ Jesus His Son and His Holy Spirit of the Bible.

I believe in the Apostle's Creed and like listening to Charles Spurgeon's sermons. But I am sensitive to not be church for my readers.

Sometimes, in an article I've written you will find a reference to Scripture.

This occurs when a moral theme calls for it. God's perfect word in the Bible is our best and finest source for wisdom for living.

Writing articles for various print and on-line magazine is one way I minister.

If anyone is inquisitive about Christianity I would be happy to talk about it. My e-mail (to avoid spam) can be typed in. karenjandreola(at)gamail(dot)com.

Karen and Dean, Maine 2004