Monday, May 31, 2010

A Face of Contentment

A Face of Contentment

  My daughter Sophia, who has liked to keep her fingers busy in a craft ever since she was a small child, made this plaque for me. She made it not long after she became a mother of a round-faced, brown-haired boy. Gazing upon my gift I was first impressed at how readily she picked up this new skill of wood burning. I looked closer and noticed how she added the tiny details almost hidden in her painting of it.

   Then another thought entered in my mind: the contentment on the face of her Madonna. It gave me the impression that Sophia’s design was stemming from that sense of pleasure that comes from a desire fulfilled, in this case a desire to become a mother. She was dabbling in a craft, while her baby napped, and the very outcome of this dabbling gave expression to a young mother’s joy. Can you remember how it felt to hold in your arms a miracle so fresh from God?

   “This looks like you and William,” I told her.

  “Does it? I got the idea for the design from the Victorian logo you use on your books. That’s why the boy is wearing a lace collar.”

  I smiled, that is all. I knew that later, when she was alone in a quiet room nursing her little one, she would privately think more about my connection. Then she would smile, too.

When our children see our faces what do they see reflected there?

"Seems it strange that thou shouldst live forever? Is it less strange that thou shoudst live at all? This is a miracle; and that no more." Young


  1. I've never seen wood burning before, it is beautiful what Sophia has done. What a lovely way to start my day with a reminder of a contented & peaceful heart, this is what I want for my children today. Blessings, Renelle

  2. Dear Karen,
    I was so excited to find your blog.
    I have had your books for years and always refer to them.
    You were one of the first introductions to Homeschooling I had.
    I have folowed you and hoope you would have a look at homescholling in our home on my blogs

  3. Dear Karen,
    Sorry I was so excited I forgot to say what a wonderful painting that is.
    So beautiful and the detail is so precise.

  4. What a beautiful gift in so many ways!

    My sister gave me your Charlotte Mason Companion when I was pregnant with my first child. She knows me well.

  5. Hi Karen,
    What a beautiful plaque! I know you'll treasure it always.

    It's so nice to find you again.
    Back in the 90's, we were "pen-friends" for a short while. I had lived in England and was making a trip back, and we talked about homeschool-highschool. I think you moved and so did I. It's nice to find you here. I'm looking forward to your Mother Culture Moments. :-)

    I've been blogging for little over a year and just recently re-organized my blog. I had many posts on Nature Study and your books, that I enjoyed so much. I think you would have enjoyed it.

    I've enjoyed my visit here and will be back. The sampler is just what Carol would have done! :-)
    Have a nice weekend,
    Blessings to you,

  6. Renelle,
    When Sophia reads that you admire her craft she will be delighted.

    Your sister must be an intuitive.

    I remember, though faintly, our correspondence. Only one week blogging and I am quite absorbed. Nature Study has always been an interest of mine. I'd like to share pages from our Nature Notebooks in weeks to come.

    Thank you, ladies, for your friendly comments.
    Karen A.

  7. Karen and Sophia,

    The picture of mother and baby is so inspiring for me to love my family. The love and tenderness of the artist is so evident. It makes me think of Mary Cassatt who seemed to long to be a mother and never was able to be.

    Thank you for sharing your heart. It gives me courage!! How blessed we are to be mothers!!

    Kim Florio