Friday, December 28, 2018

Start the New Year with Mother Culture

Start the New Year with Mother Culture®
Karen’s book is now in print. Click  HERE  for purchase info.

A Message from the Man-of-the-House.
What a beautifully written book, lavishly illustrated! My congratulations to Karen for the many years she has labored to promote what she calls Mother Culture ®.

Her passion for Mother Culture began more than 25 years ago – when, through her pioneering research, she first introduced it to the homeschooling community. As she further expanded upon the many practical benefits that a Mother Culture way-of-life could bring to her readers, this passion became her personal calling, ministry, and trademark brand.

On these pages you will find some of Karen’s best writing, polished and embellished - - - with fresh and timely encouragement added. This long-awaited book is now safely between its covers! Karen gracefully addresses what matters most to mothers. I hope you will consider her an “older woman in the Lord” and a cheerful companion on an often lonely and difficult journey.

I think this is Karen's most transparent and heartfelt book. I pray that this writing-effort will be a blessing to all the curious moms who seek to apply the many benefits of Mother Culture. 
-Dean, the Man-of-the-House

Thank you, Dean.

And many thanks for the encouragement you’ve given me over the years, my friends.
This is my pastel quilt for Liliana. It was her Christmas present. The free-motion quilting part of making it was fun – even if this meant rolling it up tightly in the small space of my machine.
I sewed off-seam in places but enjoyed the over-all, if not perfect, result. 
The sun was shining through the attic window while I was sewing the binding, which made me think to stop and take a photograph. I attached the binding to the back and here I have brought it forward to stitch with a zig-zag.
Dean found the Holly Hobby Colorform for Eloise – reminiscent of 1975. The calico dresses are so sweet, pretty, and modest. Holly can stand up like a paper doll. We were startled by the fact that something so cute and inexpensive is still available for children these days – that is not electronic.

I like bread and butter pickles from the health food store. When my store-bought pickles are all eaten, I fill the jar up with fresh cucumber, peeled and sliced. Here is a photograph of one Saturday morning’s refill. These “fresh” pickles can be kept one week in the refrigerator.

I made some pecan cookies in December. Have you seen these clay sugar-bears in fancy kitchen shops? I finally bought one. Not only are they decorative, they’re practical. These bears really do keep the brown sugar from turning to rock in your storage jar.

To read my short article/interview on my website, click here.

To listen to a 14 minute podcast of a conversation Sonya Shaffer and I shared about some important aspects of Mother Culture, click here.

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Until next time,
Karen Andreola


  1. Oh my goodness, I am SO EXCITED! My "Mother Culture" chair sits next to my bookshelf in my parlour- and at eye level, one can see your lovely books gracing the shelves, just awaiting the newest family member. I am delighted that you can offer this new book! Thank you!

  2. I can only begin to imagine how satisfied you must feel to have this book completed and in your hands. Like the baby quilt it is a labor of love. Thank you, Karen, for your love and care for the mothers of the homeschool community. Know how we appreciate you.
    Every Christmas joy be thine!

  3. I just ordered my copy! Thank you so much for continuing to encourage and impart you hard earned knowledge. Your book on homeschooling was the first book I purchased when I began my homeschooling journey 2 decades ago with my oldest. I just had my 7th (surprise baby at 46!) so my journey is not over yet. I pray for fortitude and I think your newest book will be a great help!

  4. Oh this book sounds so invigorating - do you think there is any chance of it becoming available to those of us in the United Kingdom at all, please? Thank you!

  5. It occurs to me that Dean and Nigel deserve a thank you, too. We moms are blessed by your family, Karen, and that just goes to show that none of us do this alone. I so related to what you and Sonya said about finding our encouragement and support from books. We are blessed! K.

  6. Wonderful news that this book is ready! May I say that I am inspired by your fortitude and patience on your writing journey. Your determination to offer this message to your readers is a testimony to God's faithfulness to you and yours to Him.
    Sue R.

  7. Thank you for all your hard work throughout many years to bless us as mothers so much, Karen! It's such a joy to see your newest book is ready to purchase and read now. I'm thankful for your books, your blog articles, and the Parents' Review Magazine you published for several years (your magazine was my favorite homeschooling magazine).

  8. Karen congratulations on your recent book. Wishing you all the success in the world. The quilt for Liliana is so special. I love Holly Hobby. Karen have a MERRY,Blessed, 2019 full of happiness too.
    Marion and Marilyn

  9. Congratulations Karen on your latest book. It looks and sounds lovely. Those Holly Hobie cut outs are adorable. I collect Holly Hobbie items. In fact I bought my twin sister a Holly Hobbie cutout last Christmas. I purchased it in a catalog, Betty's Attic. Wishing you and your family a 2019 filled with love,happiness and blessings. God Bless.

  10. Your well-wishes are gratefully received. Thank you so much, Ladies. Yes, Dean and Nigel were my everyday moral support.

    For my readers who live outside the U.S.A.: if enough people request a certain title of book from a distributor, the distributor might write to us to inquire about setting up an account. This is all we can think of at this stage, as we have no immediate plans for an e-book.

  11. Dean's review of your book was so intriguing. It made me want to rush out and get a copy!

    Loved this homey, full of Mother Culture post!

    Look out for my new year's post coming soon!
    Best wishes for a productive happy new year.
    God bless you,
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  12. Dear Karen,
    Congratulations to you and all your family, who without them this book would not be possible!
    I have been checking everyday since you let us know of your new book- I ordered my copy am now watching my computer as the UPS tells me where it is till it comes safely here in Australia!!
    After 26 years of homeschooling I am still nurturing my 13 year old... my baby. (And a gorgeous grandson .....)

    Am excited to receive comfort and inspiration from your heart!
    We are truly blessed by your gift, a gift the Lord has given you to spread His love to us all.
    Thank you! God bless and all your family!

    (I just received an update- my parcel is in Memphis TN!!!) yeh!!!

  13. Why does "Mother Culture" need a (R) every single time it's written?

    1. Good question, Janna. I place the (R) onto Mother Culture usually when I use it in a title. This communicates that I made the term a registered trademark for my company/business. The trademark gives me exclusive legal use of Mother Culture as a name or a title of my products and services. The term can be used in conversation anywhere of course, when discussed. Someone opening a doughnut shop knows not to name it Dunkin Donuts because its legal brand. The company has exclusive use of the name for their products and services.

      The term Mother Culture isn’t found in any of the writings of Charlotte Mason. It is an obscure term I unearthed during the 1990s after countless hours of research with the old bound volumes of Parents’ Review. Mother Culture struck a chord within my heart. In the years that followed, I rounded out my concept of it, making it relevant for a new generation. I first introduced the term Mother Culture in my magazine, Parents’ Review, in 1993, developed it for live audiences, and expanded upon it in my book A Charlotte Mason Companion. (I made it popular, you can say.) Soon after, I registered Mother Culture as a trademark for my business/ministry to reserve a little piece of the research-pie for myself - to distinguish my offerings to the homeschool world.

  14. Great idea about the cucumber pickles! I also love your paper weight house, clever!!

  15. Just ordered and so very excited! Thank you!

  16. Karen, congratulations!! I am so excited to learn that your new book has been published! I pray that the Lord will use these words and ideas to inspire home educating mothers in this most important task!

  17. Looking forward to ordering my copy.Thanks, Karen!

  18. I've just begun reading my copy. It is *glorious*. There is something about your writing that just makes me joyful, and hopeful. Thank you. Even though I am an "older mom" and my children have pretty much flown, it's still encouraging to read about Mother Culture and feel inspired. This blog helps with that too - seeing Mother Culture in action with someone who has finished homeschooling is *such* a gift. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    Nigel's illustrations are wonderful as well - as always. He's so talented!

  19. Good to hear from you, Ladies.
    So happy to hear you like my new book, Penny - especially on this sleepy winter's day. It makes all the many details-involved worthwhile. I'll pass along your compliment to Nigel.