Deluxe Lavender Strawberry Sachet

Deluxe Lavender Strawberry Sachet

A mother-daughter sewing kit by Karen Andreola

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There are few feminine crafts Karen enjoys more than making Lavender Strawberries. 

They are practical as well a pretty. A Lavender Strawberry will gently sweeten a dresser drawer, a closet or suitcase, the natural, old-fashioned way. Tossed into the clothes dryer, a sachet will last three drying cycles. For subsequent cycles refresh the sachet with a drop of lavender essential oil.

What’s in the Kit?

An assortment of 6 color-complimentary purple and green fabric, satin ribbon, plenty of lavender flowers to fill 4 plump Strawberries, easy-to-follow instructions, illustrated patterns, color photograph. Fabric prints differ from kit to kit and are hand picked by Karen in Pennsylvania Amish Country.

Fabric can be sewn into a cone and stuffed to make a simple ornament. But what Karen calls, Deluxe Strawberries go a step further. They are lined with complimentary fabric. A separate piece – the sachet of flowers - is nestled inside the Strawberry. When the top is tied with ribbon it forms a decorative ruffle.

Only basic sewing skills are needed. Although the entire project can be done by hand, a sewing machine is recommended. You may supplement any home economics course with this sewing kit - for a beautiful girlhood.

De-stress with a strawberry.

Karen likes to give a set of Lavender Strawberries as a gift. She will sit by a sunlit window to spoon the lavender flowers into the sachet. The room fills with fragrance. The sachet piece is hand-finished similar to sewing a fabric yo-yo. Stressful days are all too common. Therefore, a craft with lavender flowers is an added reprieve to the gift-giver as well as the recipient. It is said that the scent of lavender has a calming effect. Queen Victoria had lavender flowers strewn all around the castle and liked to have them replenished daily. It must have kept her gardener busy.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Karen,

    > Last year, my 10-year-old daughter Keren (see Job
    > 42:14) and I received your Lavender Strawberry Sachet kit. It was so
    > exciting! The hand-written note from you was very special and I taped
    > it to the inside of my craft box to remember your kindness. The
    > material was also beautiful!
    > We worked together to make the sachets and immediately gave them away.
    > We ordered berry baskets and made more, giving them away as birthday
    > presents for the ladies in our family. The sachets were received with
    > delight and we were so pleased with our project. Then, we decided to
    > try other fabrics.
    > We will be giving these away to a dear lady who supports us locally in our
    > homeschooling. This year, we will try our hand at growing lavender in
    > our garden. I am so thankful for you and how you have enriched my
    > life as a home-schooling mother. I have kept your book, A Charlotte
    > Mason Companion, by my bedside for several years as a source of
    > encouragement and inspiration. You are appreciated!
    > May the Lord bless and keep you,

    > Rushville, Ohio